My name is Maddie and Michael Jackson is my hero. He has saved me and helped me get through my darkest days. My ask is always open. Whether you need advice, a friend, to rant or if you want to say hey! (I track 2000wattsbitch).

yesterday I was trying to make an edit and my entire laptop decided to crash and I lost everything. Everything. So I had to restart it and set it back to its factory settings and it just really fucking sucks. So I’m taking a hiatus from tumblr until I get over it. I’m sorry guys. I’m gonna try to be on next week or maybe in two weeks i don’t know.

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Guys I’m so sorry about not being on, I’ve been so busy and haven’t really been in the mood for tumblr. I’ll hopefully be on tonight or tomorrow.

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Michael showing his stand-in how to moonwalk. I love this picture.

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Justin Bieber fans: OMGZZZ Justin Bieber iz a musical genius!!!!!!
Michael Jackson: lol
Tom DeLonge: lol
Mark Hoppus: lol
Travis Barker: lol
Kurt Cobain: lol
Axl Rose: lol
Bob Marley: lol
Patrick Stump: lol
Jared Leto: lol
Wayne Hussey: lol
Nikki Sixx: lol
Gerard Way: lol
Frank Iero: lol
Ray Toro: lol
Mikey Way: lol
Billie Joe Armstrong: lol
Mike Dirnt: lol
Tré Cool: lol
Dave Grohl: lol
Chester Bennington: lol
Paul McCartney: lol
George Harrison: lol
John Lennon: lol
Ringo Starr: lol
Freddie Mercury: lol
Brian May: lol
Roger Taylor: lol
John Deacon: lol
Elton John: lol
David Bowie: lol
Brendon Urie: lol
Ryan Ross: lol
Damon Albran: lol
Dan Campbell: lol
Butch Vig: lol
Synyster Gates: lol
M. Shadows: lol
Johnny Christ: lol
Frank Sinatra: lol
Joey Ramone: lol
Dave Mustaine: lol
James Hetfield: lol
Corey Taylor: lol
Michael Vampire: LoL
Philip Kross: lol
Aaron Graves: lol
Dj Black: lol
Andy Six: lol
Jake Pitts: lol
Jinx: lol
Ashley Purdy: lol
Christian Coma: lol
Ozzy Osbourne: Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?
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I thought I’d post pictures of these shirts that I ordered online during the last week of June. I just got them in the mail last week. They are so freaking beautiful. I’ve never seen such creative, artistic shirts like these. Not to mention, they’re also made up from super soft material. No joke, the material literally feels like some sort of soft velvety material that a baby would cuddle up to and sleep soundly with throughout the night. I only paid like 10 bucks for each shirt and they came with free shipping. That is so ridiculously cheap. You can’t even buy a crappy half-assed made shirt of Michael for much less than $21.99 or something extremely over priced. I plan on getting all of these shirts and I think that having one of them would be a must for any Michael Jackson fan. Especially since they’re so inexpensive and original. If you like these two shirts, you can check them out and similar ones right here.

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Michael teenager

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when I was down at my dads in nc, his friend came over and sat with us on the patio. she asked about my interests so i went on about my love for Michael. she told me this story about when she was like 10 and went to the mall to buy her sister a birthday gift. she went to a ticket master booth and ended up buying tickets for her family to go see the Victory tour all the way in Texas, which was 8 hours away from where they were living. and when she went back in the car and told her mom she got so mad that she literally dragged her in on the ground by her hair and tried to return them but the lady said no refunds. so they decided to go anyways or it would’ve been money wasted. then she told me “in the end my mom didn’t regret it because michael was fab…is that what you kids say now?”

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"Michael Jackson is overrated." Anybody who says this doesn’t know anything about Michael, his music, his career, his charity work, the kind of man he was or just his life in general. In fact, it’s actually unbelievably incorrect.

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